Students playing hockeyIt has been great to see House activities kicking in at the start of term. Even in the rain, the wind and the mud, commitment, participation and a sheer sense of fun have pervaded rugby, hockey and football this week. We finish this afternoon with Year 11 and everyone who has participated is to be congratulated on their great attitudes, sense of fair play and desire to do their very best for their House. Equally, I very much enjoyed popping in to the House “Pointless” competition on Thursday lunchtime which was (as ever) compered in style by Mr Harpin. All of these activities add to the running totals of House points which will be announced again just before the half-term holiday.

It has been a delight over recent weeks to read the university applications from our Year 13 students as they are sent through to UCAS. I read them all and it is a very good use of my time. The offers from universities and colleges are steadily flowing in and the ambition, aptitude and sheer breadth of interests which our students possess never fail to impress me. Sixth Form interviews for our current Year 11 students begin next week and it will be great to hear similar ambitions and hopes for the future as these young people start to consider the next stage in their lives.

I’ve spoken this week in assemblies about our core school value of sending each young person into the world able and qualified. Sometimes the notion of able and qualified can be separated, sometimes it is not. Whichever it is, all of our staff would say that it is a privilege to work with the young people at Wallingford School, to watch them participate and thrive and to begin to consider and prepare for the next stage in their lives.