We offer a first rate curriculum built on the belief that knowledge is powerful and that every student will leave Wallingford School ‘able and qualified’. We believe every student deserves to be challenged and inspired and our teachers deliver our knowledge rich curriculum through a model of explicit teaching, explaining and questioning, practising, modelling, retrieval practice and low stakes testing. We place the curriculum at the heart of all we do and continue to evaluate, reflect and refine where needed.

The development of our curriculum is a whole school priority and is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Our curriculum is ambitious and suitably challenging for every student
  • Our curriculum acknowledges and builds on prior learning and experiences
  • Our curriculum is well sequenced- subject areas and feeder primaries work together so students meet content in a logical and cohesive manner
  • Our curriculum is inclusive and has been developed to drive forward the progress of disadvantages and SEND students
  • Our curriculum is written in a way that ensures every teacher, regardless of experience or position within the school, has access to well planned schemes of work and resources and enables teachers to build upon their subject knowledge

We place great emphasis on our curriculum and whilst we recognise that teaching lessons is not all that a school does, we also acknowledge the difference an expertly designed and high quality curriculum that is delivered rigorously, can make to our young people and the community who we serve.

This school curriculum document below provides an outline of the curriculum model we operate. In order to find out more information about the intent behind each curriculum area and an overview of learning for each subject, please follow the relevant subject links.

You will be aware that sex and relationships are taught within our PSHE programme. It is something we want to do well and develop in order to react to different challenges as they present themselves to young people.  It is something our Sixth Form Officers are working on with the school.

In addition to this there are things that crop up across the curriculum that often prompt thinking about issues around sex, gender and relationships. We have collated a document (below) that signposts these. The aim is to allow parents to see what may be covered in lessons that could generate enquiry, or offer an opportunity for conversations at home. You may be concerned and want reassurance from the department delivering the programme of study or some advice about what is contained.

We are confident in the appropriateness of what is in our curriculum, and imagine you are too, but felt some people may want some warning of what may arise.

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