Q How many subjects can I choose?

A You select 3 options with a further 2 options choices as back up.


Q Is there a uniform/dress code?

A The dress code for 6th Form is informal/casual. We do not expect students to dress as though they are going to a beach or a party.


Q Are 6th formers expected to be in school for the whole school day, 5 days a week?

A Students attend school all day, 8.40 to 3.05pm, 5 days a week. There is a morning registration with a tutor followed by 6 lesson per day. Each lesson is 50 minutes.


Q How many lessons do I have a week?

A You have 30 lesson per week. 5 lessons per subject, 1 PHSE lesson with your tutor and 14 study periods.


Q Are 6th form lessons taught in the same classrooms as KS3 and KS4? Or are they all taught in the 6th form block?

A 6th Form students are taught in a variety of classrooms around school which are also used by KS3 & KS4 students at different times.


Q Do 6th formers have a tutor and any pastoral support?

A 6th Form students have a form tutor and received support from their tutor along with support from the 6th Form team.


Q Are 6th formers still required to take part in a weekly PE session?

A There are no compulsory PE lessons assigned to students in 6th form. There are occasional sporting activities during PHSE and extra-curricular activities that students can join in with eg 5 aside football.


Q Am I allowed to leave school site during the day?

A You are allowed to leave school site at lunch times. The lunch time break is 45 minutes.