At Wallingford School we operate cashless catering for the purchase of food from the school canteen.

This means:

  1. Students who receive free school meals are anonymous as they will use the same system as everyone else
  2. Parent can top up funds online using ParentPay
  3. Queues work more efficiently
  4. ParentPay shows what your children buy and we can adapt our menus in light of purchases
  5. We are able to check at the point of purchase for food allergies and dietary requirements

Cash cannot be accepted at the counter.  Instead of cash, meals are paid for using ParentPay.  You will need to keep the ParentPay school meal account for each student topped up so they can buy their meals. 

When students go to the canteen, they will select their food, it will be rung up on a till and, instead of handing over cash, students place their card on the reader and the cost of the meal will be charged to their meal account.  The reader will be attached to the till at the canteen.