Livery Awards 2022Year 11 have had their first week of mock examinations during this week and their collective attitude and approach have been absolutely first-class. They are a brilliant year group and they are handling this next step in their education very impressively indeed. I would emphasise that mocks are about practice and of course finding out what you know but also what you don’t and these will be the key points of reflection when results are returned in January. Communication at that time will as ever be crucial and much more to follow on that, but for now we prepare for next week.

It was a pleasure to attend the Merchant Taylors’ Company Livery Awards on Monday evening. Our team of Year 12 students didn’t win but gave an excellent presentation which encompassed a great idea – recycling tents abandoned at festivals and turning them in to backpacks – and answered challenging questions with poise and a great deal of intellectual agility. Very well done to all. The “soft” presentation skills which they have developed throughout the process of preparing for the completion are invaluable and it has been a great experience for them.

A success this year has been the introduction of the pleated skirt with students in Year 7 and the plan is to roll this out over the whole school from next September. For now, our advice to families in Years 8, 9 and 10 is to purchase pleated skirts when existing ones need replacing well in advance of next academic year. We will, of course, be supporting families for whom the cost is challenging as the change is introduced. More to follow on adjustments for term 6 uniform in January – the intense heat of last July has not been forgotten even in the dark and cold of December!

The end of term is coming in to sight with Christmas dinner on Wednesday 14th, the Christmas-themed non-uniform day on Friday 16th and the Sixth Form Christmas Ball on Monday 19th – great ways to end a long and busy term.

Photo credit: Merchant Taylors' Company