Christie Sports Day WinnersThe highlight of a hot week has been Sports Day and it was simply great. Our Sports Day is competitive - and the competition was fierce – but it is also about participation. The scores went up and down with the lead House changing several times before the end of the day when Christie were crowned as overall champions. They were delighted to win but what I enjoyed was the level of participation which is such a strength of the day. Of course I saw people scorching around the track but there was also rowing and cycling, tug-of war and climbing and a range of field events. There was something for everyone and we were all part of a very special day. As ever, we would like to thank Mr Dodson and our brilliant PE team for their vision for, and organization of, the day.

As in previous weeks, trips and visits have rolled on this week with Year 7 at Kew Gardens and Year 9 on the south coast – the feedback from the days has been fantastic. We have had frustration with the Year 8 trip to Aachen having to be postponed due to an issue with the ferry company. This is being rescheduled for September as it is a visit which we really want to take place. However, as well as STEM sessions earlier in the week, Year 8 did have a great session yesterday meeting employers in a “speed-dating” format and thankyou to our Careers Advisor, Mrs Ward, for her organization of the morning and for all of the employers who attended for their support.

As we are all aware, we are expecting extremely hot temperatures at the start of next week, particularly on Monday and Tuesday. We have therefore decided that students can wear their PE kit to school on every day next week as they did this week for Sports Day if they would like to.  Please note that students should only be wearing school PE kit and not variations. It is of course sensible for all students to have a refillable water bottle with them in school during the current period. We will alter activities in school to take account of the temperature as much as we can.

Roll on the last week of term!