Wallingford Radio 24 hour show posterWe were really pleased to hear what Harry, Year 13, has been up to in the studio of Wallingford Radio 107.3 FM @wallingfordradio, and their current fundraising effort for Wigod Way Wallingford Family Centre @wallingfordfamilycentre:

"I have been volunteering at the radio since June, co-hosting the Breakfast Show with Ian and Andrea. It’s brilliant fun because we are constantly talking about local stories and how people can get involved with events in South Oxfordshire. The Breakfast Show is an amazing way to start the day, especially with the 30-minute throwback from 9-9.30am. I am in the process of writing my own show, which will hopefully air sometime in the new year.

"We are so glad to be able to support Wigod Way, a local family centre, with our 24-hour show. There will be live music, lots of fun and games and an evening disco - the 24-hour show aims to get everyone involved! For more information, or to donate to Wigod Way, please visit www.wallingfordradio.co.uk"

Thanks Harry - we look forward to hearing more very soon!