Tandem free fallMatt, Year 12, has never been one for sport at school, but has taken his physical challenge to new heights! Over to Matt:

I guess I’ve always been attracted to more unusual sports - scuba diving in Crete and running a 10 mile Tough Mudder course. However, since I was 12 I always wanted to skydive.

Last weekend, after a 7 hour wait for the wind to drop and clouds to clear, I was finally able to tandem free fall from 10,000 ft (over 3km)! Not only did we free fall but my instructor carried out acrobatics on our descent. It was brilliant and the first of many jumps, I hope.

The jump school run apprenticeships in Business Management and becoming an instructor and, although this is not the career path I intend to take, it was great to know that there are options out there for thrill-seekers like me!

Matt in the plane before the jump
About to perform acrobatics while free falling
Matt's parachute is deployed - a small speck of blue in the vast sky
Matt back on earth with his certificate