Boy in classAs you may recall, the school was inspected by Ofsted on 8th and 9th November 2022 and the report can be accessed here.

The inspection was an “ungraded” inspection which essentially means that the team were looking to ensure that the school was still considered to be judged as at least Good in all areas under the current Ofsted inspection framework. As you will read, this was very much the case and that the team formed a generally accurate picture of the school during the relatively short time they spent with us.

The inspection team undoubtedly gained a keen sense of the ethos and values which make Wallingford School so distinctive and the report comments many times on just how great our young people are – positive about their studies, wonderful role models and committed to supporting each other. We are also particularly fortunate to have a body of staff who are so determined for our students to excel in everything they do and this was mentioned repeatedly by the inspectors. The spirit of our school community shines through: we could repeat what is in the report but it is better to read it for yourself as the seeds which make this school so effective are scattered throughout it.

There is more that we would have liked the inspection team to explore about our school, notably our superb Sixth Form, but the nature of an ungraded inspection did not allow for that. The areas for development within the report reflect the nature of the current Ofsted framework, especially around curriculum development, and in this context are logical; we particularly recognise the priority of the progress of some of our students who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding but will also not shy away from our inclusive ethos and supporting young people who are struggling or who may need a fresh start. This was understood and respected by the team.

An inspection report is a snapshot of a school at a moment in time within a certain context. It could never capture everything but this report a fair and measured depiction of a successful school built on strong, shared values.