We've been hearing what Wallingford School Sixth Form alumnus Alex Bosley (class of 2021) has been up to. Here is Mr Bosley, Alex's father:

Alex Bosley riding a bikeI just thought you might appreciate a brief update on what Alex has been up to since leaving Wallingford.

He is over in France, working hard to pursue his goal of a career in pro cycling.  He went out in February, and is living in Brittany, in a town called Plancoet, living in lodgings with a British ex-pat couple.

He has a blog which he updates weekly, which gives a far better insight into his life than I ever could.  We hope that by the end of the season he will have achieved sufficient results to take the next step on this career ladder.

You can follow Alex's career on his blog: Alex Bosley – British rider living in France (wordpress.com)