The subject requires students to closely analyse and compare media products in relation to relevant key social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts. Not every question in every exam series will require the analysis of the five contexts but students will need to be familiar with all of them in relation to a range of media products. Knowledge and understanding should be developed through the practical analysis or creation of media products. The subject content is detailed in relation to each area of the theoretical framework.

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A Level Media Studies

Year 12

Term 1 - TV Drama

Term 2 - Gaming

Term 3 - Social Media / Online / Radio

Term 4 - Advertising

Term 5 - Music Videos

Term 6 - Magazines / Newspapers / Non-examined assessment (NEA)

Year 13

Term 1 - NEA continued

Term 2 - Film, Revision on TV Drama

Term 3 - Revision on Gaming / Social Media Online & Radio

Term 4 - Revision on Advertising & Music Videos

Term 5 - Revision on Magazines/Newspapers

Term 6 - Exam practice, Theory impact sessions on key theorists