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Politics and the role of an MP; Sixth Form discussion

ed Vaizey MP with group of 6th Form students

Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage & Didcot and Digital Media Minister, came to speak to Wallingford School Sixth Form students last Friday about his dual roles as both a constituency MP and a Minister in the government. It was really interesting to hear him speak about the advantages and problems of juggling these two important positions. He also raised the importance of voting in the upcoming general election this May, and how every vote can make a difference to the eventual outcome, as it is currently such a close race between the parties. Overall it was a fantastic talk, and we look forward to inviting him and the other constituency candidates back to the school for the Sixth Form election debate on Friday 24th April.

- Will, Year 13

A day in the life of Sixth Form

A group of Sixth Formers were asked to give prospective students an idea of what Wallingford Sixth Form is like on a day to day basis. This video shows what students really think and the hardworking approach that our young people are encouraged to take in order to achieve success here. Those featured are typical of our energetic, enthusiastic and high-achieving students. We think it gives a flavour of what Sixth Form life is like at Wallingford and hope that you enjoy it.


Wallingford MUN Team- Day Two

Opening Ceremony for Ilymun 

After a fantastic opening ceremony, which was at times sobering and at others uplifting, the students returned to their committees to debate and vote on the resolutions yesterday. GMOs, free primary education, sharing information on terrorist groups were amongst the matters debated. Guest speakers arrived in four committees to introduce crises situations which prompted extra resolutions. Biological weapons and the impact of taking girls out of schools were two such situations which provoked lively discussion. Tonight the students will have the opportunity to socialise without the lobbying at the ILYMUN delegates' party!

Student comittees in conference hall

Wallingford school students view from above in conference hall

Debate in progress


Wallingford MUN Team- Day One

Wallingford MUN team arrived at the International School of Lyon this morning, our students are acting as delegates of various different countries and committees, including the Sri Lankan Economic & Social Committee, Russian Federation Human Rights Committee, Argentinian Environmental Committee, Nigerian Science and Technology Committee, Syrian Development Committee, Spanish Security Council, Australia's Food and Water Committee and UK's Political and Territorial Committee.

Students at International School of Lyon

Students visit Lyon Basilica

Students outside International School of Lyon

Students arrive at MUN Venue Hôtel de la Région Rhône-Alpes



Remembrance Day

Making poppiesMaking poppies

This year the charity committee wanted to find a way to highlight the importance of Remembrance Day to students. We were inspired by Paul Cummins, the ceramic artist who created the installation at the Tower of London, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. We admired the use of art to portray the power and significance of the day.

We decided to recreate the flowing sea of poppies, with students helping to make the installation during form and break times, to encourage young people to think about the meaning behind, and make them feel a bigger part of, Remembrance Day.

Fixing the poppiesThe finished piece

We hope that the sculpture is a strong statement not only of the importance of Remembrance Day itself but of the individual sacrifices made by the soldiers during the First World War and those still fighting today.

-Honor and Beth

Sixth Form Team-Building



Sixth Form


Years 12 and 13 spent an afternoon getting to know each other better, under the supervision of a team of Army representatives. It was a great way to start the year, learning how to work together and achieve success as a team. Highlights were the inflatable assault course, tug-of-war competition and giant sack races. Students were given the chance to ask questions about the Armed Forces and showed their appreciation for the time and effort it took to organise the event for them. A fantastic start to what we all hope will be a very successful year in Sixth Form.

More pictures in the gallery

obstacle course

Sixth Former Will Vowell on BBC Radio Oxford

Will Vowell


Sixth Form

Sixth Former Will Vowell on BBC Radio Oxford

"On BBC Radio Oxford this morning (4th September 2014), I was involved in a discussion about lowering the voting age to 16.

"We talked about how 16 year olds had been actively involved in the Scottish Referendum debate, and I proposed that young people around Britain, with a more comprehensive understanding of politics and government, would also be willing to become active citizens and vote at the next general election."

- Will Vowell

Listen here at the 3hr 18min mark.

A Message to our A Level Students Themselves

Students getting their results

Well done everyone; really well done. We all had quite a scare after the AS results last year and it has been a stressful and challenging year but hasn’t it been worth the hard work?

Read more: A Message to our A Level Students Themselves

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