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Year 12 Chemistry Trip

Students at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Experiment at Rutherford Appleton laboratory

Recently, a group of 6th Form chemistry students spent the day at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory learning about current research in the field of chemistry. After a brief introduction into the work of ISIS, the world-leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences, we had the opportunity to experiment with biological catalysts and make (or in our case attempt to make) alpha gold particles. We learnt about new polymers that are being developed synthetically and studied the intricate structures of natural materials that scientists hope to one day replicate. Amongst others, the opportunity to eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen was indeed a highlight!

- Helena, Year 12

Sixth Form Debate: Is Britain becoming an increasingly racist society?

6th Form debate

On the 13th of November, Wallingford's Sixth Form took part in a debate. The motion was, "Britain is becoming an increasingly racist society."

The teams had two weeks to plan and prepare for the debate. Both teams did incredibly well, but the Opposition team won with a landslide victory; Wallingford sixth formers were persuaded that racism was worse in the past and, although it clearly exists today, we have become a more tolerant society which finds racism unacceptable.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part, and hope for an equally interesting debate on Global Warming and Climate Change in January.

- Kiaren, Year 12

6th Form debate 6th Form debate

6th Form debate 6th Form debate

Exam Results 2015

GCSE result students

We had a very, very good year last year. A headline figure of 84% is the best results Oxfordshire has ever seen for GCSE. Results for our most able students are brilliant too, but with respect to their efforts we are perhaps most proud of those who came to Wallingford struggling a little but left with good results. We hope to be in the top 1% for value added in England, which would mean you would have to drive past 99 schools before you'd come across one to match us, whatever profile you enter Wallingford with.

GCSE result studentsGCSE result students

In an average school, one that is working hard and doing a good job for its students, a typical student might leave with 4 grade B passes. At Wallingford, that same child would get 1 grade B and 3 As.

We are struggling with the balance between celebrating this incredible success and boasting. We are also terrified at having to keep this standard going, which is probably healthy.

IMG 5675 480 s

At A Level 36% of all exams sat were A or A*, with some of our departments producing incredible value added scores and an overall performance that puts us comfortably in the top 25% nationally.

There is a lot more to a good school than results and there are a lot of good schools near Wallingford, so we are wary of saying this means we are the best. Another school will always suit some people better. We have huge respect for the work done in our neighbouring schools. That said, clearly there is something very special going on here.

Thank you to the staff who worked so hard to achieve this and not just the teachers. Thanks also to the students. We hope you go on to make the difference these results suggest you might.

Alevel result studentsAlevel student congratulated by teacher.

For those to whom statistics really matter here are a few of the headlines.

A Level
• At AS: Physics, History and German students made progress in the top 10% of the country.
• At AS: Product Design, Mathematics and Geography students made progress in the top 25% of the country.
• At A2: Drama & Theatre Studies, Sociology, PE, Mathematics, Geography and Further Maths students made progress in the top 10% of the country.
• At A2: Applied Science, Media Studies, History, English Literature and Physics students made progress in the top 25% of the country.
• Students studying the BTEC IT, Art and Design and Business Diplomas made progress in the top 25% of the country.
• One third of the students studying A Level Mathematics achieved the highest grade, an A*.
• At both AS and A2, the overall progress made by sixth form students at Wallingford School was in the top 25% of the country.

• 84% of students achieved at least 5 A*-C grades – our best result ever!
• 88% of students achieved at least a C grade in GCSE Maths.
• 91% of students achieved at least a C grade in GCSE English and 43% achieved either an A or an A*.
• In triple sciences, 69%, 75% and 78% achieved at least an A grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively.
• 69% of music students achieved either an A or an A*.
• 91% of PE students secured at least a C grade.
• On the whole, 90% of subjects delivered 'Outstanding' results.
• On average, students achieved ¾ of a grade higher, per subject, than the national average.
• In Design Technology: Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles all recorded over 89% of their students achieving at least a C grade.


A Level Results 2015

IMG 5675

The students and teachers concerned are to be congratulated on today's A Level examination results. 36% of all A Levels sat were graded A or A*,which is a remarkably high standard, and 7% up on last year. We all hope these grades encourage young people to go on and achieve even greater things in the future.

See Oxfordshire Guardian's video.

IMG 5609


IMG 5647

G C E Results Day

GCE Exam results day 2014

Thursday 13th August 2015

A2: 8am to 12pm - Library
AS: 10am to 12pm – Library


We can email them to your personal email. Send a request email, including your name and address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are going to be away we will send the results to you, if you leave an A5 stamped addressed envelope with the office.

If you ask someone else to collect them for you, they MUST bring a letter from YOU stating that they have your permission to collect your results.

Head Boy & Girl at Founder's Day 2015

Head Girl speech at Founders day 2015

Ladies and gentleman, on behalf of the new school officers, we would like to thank and congratulate the previous set of officers for their hard work, dedication and numerous achievements. Our particular thanks go to head boy, Will, and head girl, Liddy (who I must mention is clubbing in Malia as we speak), for leading them so effectively. What most impressed about the officers last year was their drive for political awareness in sixth form, which culminated in the hustings event prior to the general election. This event was incredibly successful, and what was perhaps most remarkable was that many of those who had previously been disengaged with politics developed a real passion for it. Hopefully, we, the new set of officers will be just as successful, and we have many ideas about how to make the school a more happy and prosperous environment for all.

These include a variety of initiatives, such as; making a positive and lasting change in the energy efficiency of the school by encouraging simple changes that both staff and students can make in order to help reduce energy usage, reforming the schools approach to sex education by expanding the range of subjects discussed, providing extra support and guidance to year 11s when they are choosing their AS subjects and perhaps most importantly, tackling the invisible burden of mental illness amongst students. We are both excited and proud to be able to work for and represent the school and must therefore thank the current year 12 who elected us to this position. It means a lot to us that we were chosen by our peers as well as our teachers.

Student receives a prize at Founder's Day 2015 Student receives a prize at Founder's Day 2015

As officers, the School Council is one of our biggest responsibilities as we are the voice between the students and Mr. Willis. We hope to reform the school council to make it a more formal and prominent body within the school. We believe this will strengthen the relationship between us, as officers, and students from every year group, thus allowing us to truly represent every student and therefore the school. As your head boy and head girl, we are directly responsible for making sure that the school council is used to its full potential. As well as this, our role also incorporates running the sixth form taster days, attending Merchant Taylor dinners and thoroughly boring large audiences.

The seven of us feel privileged to have the opportunity to work in these roles as we have great belief in our school and respect for those who make it the vibrant learning environment that it is. We are so pleased to get the chance to work alongside some of these people and hope that we will be able to play our part in making it even better.

So here's to the coming year...

- Mabel (Head Girl) & Oli (Head Boy)

Student receives a prize at Founder's Day 2015 Student receives a prize at Founder's Day 2015

Sixth Form Taster Days

All prospective Sixth Form students who have recently finished Year 11 are expected to attend the two Taster Days on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th June. Students should arrive to school and meet in the Sixth Form Common Room by 8.40am. External students who are not familiar with the school site, should go to the main reception to be directed to Sixth Form.

These two days provide students with a chance to experience what life will be like when they attend Wallingford Sixth Form in September. They will attend lessons in their chosen subjects, complete independent tasks in Study Periods, meet new staff and students and take part in some student-led activities.

It would be sensible to bring the usual equipment required for lessons and a bag in which to keep resources that are given out during lessons. Students are not required to wear school uniform. Food and drink can be bought at the school canteen or off-site at lunchtime.

I very much look forward to welcoming students next Tuesday and hope that they gain a great deal from the experience.

- Mr N Lamb, Director of Sixth Form

Lake District Revision Trip 2015

Students in at Lake Windermere

A group of 75 Year 13 Wallingford School Sixth Form students were lucky enough to be taken to the Lake District for a week in May. The purpose of the trip was to provide students with the time, space and resources to focus on revision for upcoming A Level examinations. This trip has been running for a number of years and has been funded by the Walter Bigg Trust. When asked, 96% of students agreed that the trip has had a strong positive effect on their progress and likely exam results.

Students revising in lodge at Lake District

Staff accompanying the students commented on how hard working they were, spending up to 9 hours a day revising independently, with little or no persuasion from staff. In addition, they also had the chance to engage in a number of enrichment activities including raft-building, obstacle courses, zip-wires, a campfire, quiz night and movie night. Students stayed in lodges together, which proved a valuable learning opportunity in the transition towards University accommodation. The trip marked the end, for most, of seven years together at Wallingford School, and spending time working and playing together in this way, has undoubtedly formed fond memories that will last a lifetime.

We are all hugely grateful to the Walter Bigg Trust for funding the trip again, knowing the huge academic and holistic impact it will have on these young people.

Mr N Lamb, Director of Sixth Form

Students take a break looking out to Lake Windermere

Sixth Form - Lake District Revision Week 2015

Lake district view on jetty Students on jetty looking out to Lake Windermere

Students revising at Lake District Students revising in the Lake district

Before departing, we were a bit apprehensive about the trip because we didn't know what to expect or how effective a week of revision would be when surrounded by our friends. However, when we arrived and started working everyone was completely focused and intent on making the most of our time in the Lake District. Even though we spent 9 hours each day revising, we still managed to have a really enjoyable week; we had the opportunity to take part in activities and spend time relaxing in our lodges. We managed to find a balance between working hard and having fun, which made the task of revision less strenuous and hopefully will allow us to make our work at home more beneficial.

- Lucy, Year 13

Student on a zip wire Students getting ready for raft building on Lake Windermere

Students raft building Students running into the water of Lake Windermere in the rain

Student to Teacher Programme

Information Technology teacher with students Science teacher with students performing experiment

• Have you thought about a career in teaching?
• Do you know what the routes into teaching are?
• Are you aware of the experience required for teaching courses?
• Would you like to be part of a programme that will give you an advantage over other candidates?
• Do you know anyone else from Wallingford School to whom these things might apply?

Wallingford School is starting a long-term project to support current and former students who have an interest in teaching for a living. The overall aim is to provide young people with a chance to see if it is the right career for them, with an understanding of the nature of the work involved and support for applications to training courses.

Year 12 / 13 Students

A pre-University school experience programme that inspires students to teach.

A chance to work with young people in lessons, through individual or small group work and link with a department.

Guidance through the University application process.

Current University Students

Opportunities for annual work experience at Wallingford School, taking on Mentoring, Teaching Assistant and Cover Supervisor roles outside university term time.

Support for graduates applying for training straight from University.


Opportunities for work experience in school or, where vacancies appear, as paid Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors.

Support towards gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

It is increasingly difficult for young people to get into teaching. Often, years of experience in a school are involved, before applying to a post-graduate course. We want to give those of our students who want to teach the best chance possible to get into the profession, knowing that they are well-educated people who will make a huge difference through teaching.

For more information please contact Madame Audemard

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Art teacher with student building a sculpture English teacher with students in school library

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