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Parliament Week

Parliament Week at the Bodleian Libraries, Thursday 17th November

Panel and students


In 1646, as the chaos of the Civil War raged across the land, the Royalist Parliament gathered in a series of chambers in Oxford, owned by the University. It was in one of these rooms, Convocation House, that we gathered over 300 years later. However, our chaos, our monumental event, and, as we were told, the defining political moment of our generation, is not a war. It is, of course, Brexit.

It was part of "Parliament Week" and we, as students of the Government and Politics variety, had been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a session on post-war Britain's relationship with continental Europe and, by extension, the EU. This began with a series of lectures by academics from the University's Department of Politics and International Relations. These spoke of the history of the relationship and the significance of the referendum result. We were also asked to consider Britain's future outside the EU.

However this was a prelude to the grand event wherein, after having been given a rather up-market buffet lunch, we were ferried away from the modern library complex to the stone pillars and wooden benches of Convocation House. Here we were to participate in a discussion about the referendum, with a panel that was a picture of the British Political Landscape: Labour's Will Straw who served as executive director of Britain Stronger in Europe, Ken Clarke MP who is regarded
as a "Big Beast" within the Conservative Party and the House of Commons, Caroline Lees of Reuters, and BBC journalist Chris Bowlby.

They spoke of the failures of the remain side to gain momentum, the passing of the 1972 European Communities Act and how the Commons has changed since then, and the idea that we are living in a "Post-Truth" world. After this we were given the opportunity to bombard the panel with questions and, as the event began to end and the other schools filter out, we stayed behind and started many dialogues with the panellists.

- Jody, Year 12



Sixth Form Open Evening

We would like to invite all Year 11 students & parents (at Wallingford School or elsewhere) to our Sixth Form Open Evening on Wednesday 12th October.

It is a chance to understand more about what Wallingford offers, to experience a taste of the courses on offer and to speak with staff and current students about life in Sixth Form.

External students and families should arrive for a 6pm start.

Current Wallingford School students and families should arrive for a 6.30pm start.

After talks from the Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form, there will be the opportunity to visit up to 5 subject presentations. The evening will finish at approximately 8.30pm

Year 12 Parent Information Evening & BTEC Launch Event

Tuesday 13th September 6.30pm

This is a chance for parents to learn more about what to expect whilst their son or daughter is part of Wallingford Sixth Form. There will be a presentations about our expectations, daily procedures, important dates and much more. There will also be a chance to ask questions and to speak to a member of the sixth form team.

Immediately after the general presentation, there will be a launch event for parents of students studying any of our BTEC courses (Art & Design; Business Studies; IT; Health & Social Care). This is a very important event to attend, in order to gain a full understanding of how these qualifications work and what is expected of students.

We look forward to seeing all Year 12 parents there!

A Level Results 2016

Students with their exam result envelopes

Our performance in the key measure has improved this year by 2%, which is better than the national trend. This year 53% of A levels sat were at A* to B grades. Every student who wanted a university place had achieved one on the day the results were published, which is a remarkable achievement.

Families and teachers take pride in their support of young people through A Level study but, more than elsewhere, the young people themselves deserve the credit for success. There is no way of escaping the need to do a lot of independent study and take responsibility for your own learning. Not everyone will get what they hoped for; that is an unpleasant fact of life. Those who have been successful will have done a lot of work over a sustained period. We are very proud of them.

We might also note the success of students on vocational courses. We have had a considerable number take fairly challenging BTEC courses in this cohort. A large number of these have been very successful indeed, and used this as a route into work, apprenticeships or university. This group have helped turn this into a valid route to rival that of A Levels for many young people.

If we can single one person out it would be Ed Church. This time last year he had such a challenging day because his AS results had not been what he wanted. In fact they were some way short. Where others might have lowered expectations or looked for excuses, Ed took responsibility, rolled his sleeves up and worked incredibly hard. He has been rewarded with 3 A* grades at A Level. It is not his success and brains that we are particularly proud of as much as his determination to keep aiming high, and working even harder when things did not go well. He deserves to feel as proud of himself as he probably is right now.

Geography Field Trip

Group photograph on beach

On the 20th February, the AS Geography students, accompanied by Miss Lee, Miss Walker and Miss Cook, set off (after a small minibus meltdown!) on the annual geography field trip to the Margam Discovery Centre near Port Talbot in Wales for a few days of 'geography fun'!

Read more: Geography Field Trip

A Level Decision

Sixth formers studying

Please see the letter below from Mrs F Lewis (Assistant Headteacher) and Mr N Lamb (Assistant Headteacher, Director of 6th Form) regarding changes to A Level provision coming into affect September 2016.

(The letter has been updated to include the Design and Technology subjects and a change to BTEC Health and Social Care.)

PDF A Level Decision letter

New A Level Course - Government and Politics

We are offering a new course, Government and Politics, to students starting Sixth Form in September 2016. Download the course outline below.

PDF Government & Politics

Other information about joining Wallingford School Sixth Form can be found here.


Sixth Form Opportunities - Dec 2015

Dear Students & Parents,

Well done to our students for another term of very hard work. The Christmas break marks the end of the longest stretch in the year and many of you should be proud of the huge parts of courses that you have completed so far.

The break is also a chance to reflect on longer term goals. More specifically, students should be thinking about what they can do to give themselves the best possible chance of securing a place at their desired destination, be it University, College, Apprenticeship or Employment.

Below is a fairly lengthy list of opportunities that students should be making the most of. If nothing else it highlights the huge range of opportunities available, although this is just a fraction and with a little bit of research you can find the right kind of thing for you. Just let us know if you need some help, which is most often provided by our careers advisor, Theresa Ward ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

The best students from elsewhere in the country are using these types of opportunies to give them a step up - please don't be left behind!

Read more: Sixth Form Opportunities - Dec 2015

Year 12 Chemistry Trip

Students at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Experiment at Rutherford Appleton laboratory

Recently, a group of 6th Form chemistry students spent the day at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory learning about current research in the field of chemistry. After a brief introduction into the work of ISIS, the world-leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences, we had the opportunity to experiment with biological catalysts and make (or in our case attempt to make) alpha gold particles. We learnt about new polymers that are being developed synthetically and studied the intricate structures of natural materials that scientists hope to one day replicate. Amongst others, the opportunity to eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen was indeed a highlight!

- Helena, Year 12

Sixth Form Debate: Is Britain becoming an increasingly racist society?

6th Form debate

On the 13th of November, Wallingford's Sixth Form took part in a debate. The motion was, "Britain is becoming an increasingly racist society."

The teams had two weeks to plan and prepare for the debate. Both teams did incredibly well, but the Opposition team won with a landslide victory; Wallingford sixth formers were persuaded that racism was worse in the past and, although it clearly exists today, we have become a more tolerant society which finds racism unacceptable.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part, and hope for an equally interesting debate on Global Warming and Climate Change in January.

- Kiaren, Year 12

6th Form debate 6th Form debate

6th Form debate 6th Form debate

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