Wednesday was our Sixth Form Open Evening and it was great to welcome so many students and families to the school, both from our current Year 11 cohort but also so many students who attend other schools and are considering joining us in September 2023. The evening was an opportunity to showcase our new teaching block and its fantastic facilities but was also about articulating what is so special about the Sixth Form at Wallingford School.

The presentations on the evening focused on the values which run through our school – that every young person should leave our school “able and qualified”. In terms of being qualified, our Sixth Form is of course about results – 43% of grades at A*/A in 2022, 73% at A*-B and 100% A*-E – and they are nothing short of outstanding. These outcomes come from first-rate teaching and learning and excellent support. It is also about our course offer – over 28 courses with a mix A Levels and vocational courses all delivered by subject specialists with a record of great results. It is importantly about destinations – over 110 students to university in 2022, others taking gap years and many going on to higher level apprenticeships and foundation courses.

In terms of being “able”, our Sixth Form is about personal development and the experiences which help to form young people into the adults they become. I will not attempt to list all that we offer here as it is too broad and deep to give justice to in a limited format but the range and variety of activities, and the commitment of our staff to providing them for our students, is simply fantastic. Equally, the support our students receive in every aspect of school life is significant and the inclusivity of our Sixth Form is a defining characteristic.

Sixth Form Open Evening is only the start of the journey into our Sixth Form but the palpable buzz and vibrant atmosphere as students and families listened to staff explain courses and demonstrate their passion for their subjects was a real pleasure to be a part of. It was a great evening and my thanks to everyone involved.