Girls seeing their exam resultsStudents at Wallingford School are receiving their Key Stage 4 results this morning and we could not be more proud of them. The results at headline levels are absolutely fantastic and reflect the outstanding quality of teaching and learning and support at the school and the hard work, ability and commitment of the young people who have achieved them.

Beneath the headlines there are a great many individual stories of students who have excelled, be it with a string of top grades or who have achieved or exceeded their targets or overcome challenges or difficulties in their lives. Whatever it is, they are all to be congratulated in doing so very well after a period of disruption to their education and lives; their talent, resilience and determination are nothing short of remarkable.

The headline figures in terms of grades for the 205 students in the year group are:

English 4+                               85%

Maths 4+                                 87%

English and Maths 4+             83%


English 5+                               73%

Maths 5+                                 71%

English and Maths 5+             64%


All grades 4+                           87%

All grades 5+                           75%

All grades 7+                           40%

5 or more grade 7s                 34%

A huge thankyou must also go to the all of the staff at Wallingford School who have supported these young people throughout their five years at the school and also to their families who have been there with them for every step of the way.

Congratulations to each and every young person who has received their results today and we wish them well for their undoubtedly very bright and promising futures whether in the Sixth Form at Wallingford School or elsewhere.

John Marston, Headteacher

Wallingford School