Yesterday was our Rising Year 7 Taster Day and it was great. The students came into the Hall first thing in the morning as a multi-coloured jumper collection of Year 6s full of enthusiasm and excitement. They sat on the floor as they do at primary school and took in everything around them. By the time they ended the day they were sat on chairs, a Year group together and as one. They did brilliantly throughout the day, impressing staff with their attitude, approach and knowledge. It was then really good to be able to welcome their families to the school last night to talk a little more about the start of secondary school as well as formally welcome those who are not already part of the Wallingford School community.

The Year 6s made an excellent impression with us yesterday but I have to also say how proud I was of the rest of our school. The younger students were accompanied for the day by our Year 10 prefects and our Year 12 peer supporters, and both groups got the mix of nurture and direction just right. In the assembly at the end of the day I asked the prefects involved to come to the front both for the younger students to thank them for the day but also to illustrate what fantastic aspirational role models they are and that this is the standard which they should be aiming for in four years’ time. Equally, at break and lunchtime each and every student in the school was so very welcoming and caring as the younger students mixed with them and found their way around the school.

All in all, I was very proud indeed of our school community and very much look forward to seeing our new Year 7s in September.

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