Hot cross-style buns with the pi symbol on topDon't be hot and cross this Easter; crack open a chocolate egg and sift through 26 pages of competition winners, intense photos (in tents! You'll get it when you see the front page...), and reports on all the artistic, creative, clever, hard-working, musical, scientific, mathematical, entrepreneurial, adventurous things the students (and some staff!) have been up to these past two terms.

Be on an Easter egg-style hunt for:

  • Headteacher's Message
  • Beyond-the-classroom visits to theatres, lecture halls and the great outdoors
  • Live music (well, articles about it...)
  • Some article by Ms Miller. (Forgot what this one was about.)
  • Paintings of skulls and swiss rolls
  • Hot Pi Buns!
  • Book reviews with a twist
  • Our students' continuing successes in various competitions
  • And our usual round-up from the four Houses, including our top performing students for house points.

Have an enjoyable Easter break!