The band in full flow, and a purple glow.The Spring Concert last night was simply fantastic. The range of performances was diverse and varied from the oomph of the Bigg Band to solo performers, singers and instrumentalists, duos and some very loud drums! Ultimately it was a triumph of talent and potential and a celebration of being able to perform again after the challenges of the past two years. I would like to congratulate each and every performer and also those students who helped out supporting the evening – you were all simply amazing and we could not be more proud of you. A huge thankyou must also go to Ms Hammond and Miss Norman for all of their organisation and input into a great event.

As the concert was being set up on Thursday afternoon afterschool I walked around the school and saw potential everywhere. The potential and enthusiasm of our Year 7 boys’ footballers as two Wallingford teams played against a team from a neighbouring school on the Astroturf with wonderful spirit and commitment. The potential of the Year 10 girls’ netball team as they fiercely competed against other schools on the netball courts under the watchful eye of a very proud Head of Year Ms Burns. The potential of our Year 13 students as they practiced their Extended Project Qualification presentations, working on coherence and fluidity, growing in confidence and poise. And finally, the potential of our new buildings and the excellent facilities which they will provide for our students and staff – as the brick superstructure grows each day we get closer to being in the building.

A school is about developing potential – it is exciting, hard work and wonderful to be a part of. This potential is all around us and then suddenly becomes encapsulated in a moment – last night’s Spring Concert felt like one of those moments.