We are really fortunate at Wallingford School to have great teachers delivering great lessons to great students. Usually there is at least one lesson each week which knocks me over and this week has been no exception. On Thursday morning I was in the Hall with some visitors to the school. A group of Year 9 students were rehearsing scenes from Macbeth and it was simply fantastic – creative, full of energy and zest and with a real sense of bringing the genius of Shakespeare alive. One lesson in one subject in one day, but it made my day and I told the students so.

As ever, we have lots of House competitions on at the moment. We have had the Ninja Warrior final and World Book Day last week, the House Pi Competition takes place next week and we have Science Week and House matches in boys’ football and netball to follow.

The current standings in the House competition shared with students this week are:

Matilda            2358

Christie            2312

Bigg                 2212

Blackstone      2159

It’s just past the half way point of the year so all to play for!

If you have visited or driven past the school during the past week, you will have seen that the purple insulation on the new teaching block is slowly disappearing behind the brick superstructure. It’s all very exciting and we look forward to the completion of the block over the next couple of months as we plan classrooms and resources for Science, IT and Humanities. In addition, the new Music room in K block is now close to completion and the new bicycle shelter is also now completed. We will continue to keep everyone updated with developments.

Finally, we have a non-uniform day in school today in aid of the Disasters Emergencies Committee to support the people of Ukraine. It is a small step but a gesture from our whole school community at this time.