Sixth form boys workingWednesday was the deadline for applications to universities and colleges through the UCAS system. A great many of our students sent their applications off some time ago and others just about hit the deadline but that is often the nature of a deadline! We have sent through well over 100 applications and I have read every one of them and it has been an absolute pleasure to do so – a real highlight of my job.

The personal statements in the applications fizz with ambition, spirit and aspiration. They are written by young people who are set on a path, have researched it, read around it and want to express their enthusiasm and determination to succeed. The variety of courses which our students apply to is broad and eclectic and the institutions are a similarly intriguing mix. The personal statement is also a testimony to how well-rounded our young people are and the breadth of their achievements and commitments both within the school and beyond.

Of course university or college is not for everyone and I also recognize that intentions can change as time progresses. However, as the offers of places roll in – and they have been – it is wonderful to be associated with these young people and to see them preparing for their futures. Very well done to them all and also a huge thanks to our Sixth Form team and tutors for all of their support and guidance for our students in helping them to navigate the UCAS process.

My other message for today is that we are going to have a focus on expectations around uniform over the next few weeks. Nothing new – expectations are clear, commonly understood and generally adhered to but we will not allow standards to slip and that message is being communicated to students. Thank you as ever to all families for their support with this.