Film music is a huge industry, and composing or performing in film music is a very exciting career.

Our Year 11 students who are interested in taking Music A level next year attended a Film Music Workshop led by the Carducci String Quartet. We learnt about string techniques used by string instruments in film music. Some of these are very experimental, such as bowing behind the bridge or using microtones.

The string quartet shared how they recorded the music for Downton Abbey, spending a whole day just recording two notes over and over again whilst experimenting with different vibrato styles. 

We also heard about the Hitchcock chord which is supposed to be the spookiest chord to use! And, how Hans Zimmer quoted parts of Elgar’s Enigma Melody for his music for Dunkirk. 

We then had an interactive composing workshop with Oscar Osicki, who showed us how to compose music in real time to the opening credits of a film.

- Ms Hammond, Head of Music

Carducci String QuartetCarducci String Quartet